Thanx for 10K

Dear Friends,

The last year has been quite a journey. A lot of new friends met, new places explored, new photo and video equipment is now in my arsenal, my online home has now a fresh look and new content is added almost every week! All of these thanks to the hard work, dedication, consistency but first of all YOU!
A really big thanks to you all for helping me surpass 10K friends on Instagram, the social network I choose to share my work. A big thanks for the love and support you give to my every post and my online products.
I promise to keep creating and invest more time, money and energy in what I like most so I can bring more high quality visuals to life.

For the fellow producers and editors I've made a new section on my website where you can purchase Lightroom Presets, LUTS etc that will help you take your photography and filmography game one step further.
New content will be added the next month as well as free stuff for everyone!

You are always welcome to share your thoughts and questions with me via my website or Instagram DM.


Thank you,

Tasos Pletsas

Tasos Pletsas