Two years ago, my interests started to slide from producing music and run my music label to create visuals, both motion and stills. At that time I had the idea to create a travel video series called "Moments" and deliver one video from a different country each year on Christmas Day! For my first episode I just bought 2 GoPros and visited my friends in Europe. We spent 10 days in Belgium and The Netherlands, this is what I filmed and the video I uploaded on Christmas Day of 2015:

One year later, the November of 2016 I traveled on Budapest, Hungary, now equipped with a Sony A6000 to film a new episode of my series. This time I tried to deliver something more "cinematic"! This is the video I uploaded on Christmas Day of 2016:

Now, two years after uploading my first travel film and after numerous video projects in various styles I filmed a new episode for my travel series: "Moments in Venice, Italy"! I intend this to be my best episode to date! Filmed with the Panasonic GH5, stay tuned!


Coming on Christmas Day 2017!

Tasos Pletsas