Kefalonia 2018 // Coming Soon

Santorini, Greece // 2018

So, we were in Santorini, Greece around May / June 2018. We had 2 days to shoot scenes for a music video. We spent the entire first morning location scouting and we started shooting the same day! Shooting went really well and we had most of our scenes even from the first day. It was an opportunity to film some mini clips for personal projects and let you see how Santorini looks and feels like!

Summer Mood // Greece

A Collection of shots collected around Greece the last couple of years!

All photos processed with my "Summer” Lightroom Presets!

Metsovo & Meteora, Greece / 2018

A couple of days relaxing in the opposite of an urban environment. No phones, no technology….ok just a camera…!

Feel the calm vibes on the video!

Venice, Italy // 2017

Venice always looked like a photographer's paradise…and it was!! Every corner, every canal was an opportunity for a new instagram post!
The food was nothing less than perfect, pizzas and good wine everywhere!
For sure a destination that you can't get enough of!