Tasos Pletsas is a visionary Filmmaker and Creative Director from Greece, Europe.

"Many years ago I discovered the purpose of my life in creating emotions through still and motion images and from that day I remember myself pushing the limits of my creativity further and further.
For me to create is to breath! I don't care about soulless and uninspired projects, I always aim to deliver something more than meets the eye.
Been lucky enough to work with open-minded artists, professionals and brands gives me the ability to express deeper thoughts through my visual work."

Lifestyler, traveler and social media fan with a reach to a direct audience of more than 27K people, Tasos, consistently creates content that inspires.

Huge lover of electronic music for more than 15 years, Tasos finds time to create his own music productions from time to time and has been charted twice on Beatport’s Genre Top-100 worldwide.

The last year has helped professionals and companies enhance their on-line presence by building their websites and has been invited to Squarespace’s exclusive Circle.