My Vision



Tasos Pletsas is a visionary filmmaker and photographer from Greece, Europe.

"Many years ago I discovered the purpose of my life in creating emotions through still and motion images and from that day I remember myself pushing the limits of my creativity further and further.
For me to create is to breath! I don't care about soulless and uninspired projects, I always aim to deliver something more than meets the eye.
Been lucky enough to work with open-minded artists and brands gives me the ability to express deeper thoughts through my visual work."

Serial instagrammer and lifestyler with a reach to a direct audience of more than 25K people, Tasos, consistenly creates content that inspires.

Featured in:

MetDaan Online Magazine

Expedia (217K)
Vacations (1,5M)
MetDaan (2M)
Daily Best Pic (221K)
Best Earthscapes (162K)
World Union GREECE (158K)
Instagram Greece (39K)
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