Following my recent trip to Venice, Italy find below two travel films I shot there! Different styles, different vibes!

A Walk In Venice

Moments In Venice


Two years ago, my interests started to slide from producing music and run my music label to create visuals, both motion and stills. At that time I had the idea to create a travel video series called "Moments" and deliver one video from a different country each year on Christmas Day! For my first episode I just bought 2 GoPros and visited my friends in Europe. We spent 10 days in Belgium and The Netherlands, this is what I filmed and the video I uploaded on Christmas Day of 2015:

One year later, the November of 2016 I traveled on Budapest, Hungary, now equipped with a Sony A6000 to film a new episode of my series. This time I tried to deliver something more "cinematic"! This is the video I uploaded on Christmas Day of 2016:

Now, two years after uploading my first travel film and after numerous video projects in various styles I filmed a new episode for my travel series: "Moments in Venice, Italy"! I intend this to be my best episode to date! Filmed with the Panasonic GH5, stay tuned!


Coming on Christmas Day 2017!